Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts
Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts

How to Apply for a Grant

The Whitaker Foundation recently changed its application procedure. Now all applications must begin with a LETTER OF INQUIRY.

All LETTERS OF INQUIRY must be submitted via our new online application process. Applicants, even those previously funded, must call the Foundation in advance of the deadline to discuss their intent to apply. Foundation staff will talk through your request, help discern its’ fit with the Whitaker Foundation, and explain the general application process and schedule. Following this conversation Foundation staff will email you a link that allows entry to the online system. (Paper letters and proposals will no longer be accepted.)

Once you log on to the grant system you will complete an agency profile that includes general information such as staff, board, and incorporation details. The new system will save this information for future applications so keep track of the agency’s log on information. Tutorials on the new system have been prepared by the software designer and can be viewed or read here.

After your registration is complete you may submit the Letter of Inquiry. The Foundation will respond with notification of receipt.

Please keep track of your log on and password. They are specific to the organization not the request. Any future applications will use them BUT all requests – whether the agency already has applied, must begin with a phone call to Foundation staff. If you misplace your log on and password, the Foundation has a record and can send them to you.

Trustees review Letters of Inquiry at one of three annual meetings and from these Letters invite full proposals. Applicants will be notified of the decisions. If a proposal is invited the agency will receive application instructions.

The following chart shows the calendar for submission and review. There are three Letters of Inquiry submission dates each year—August 1, November 1, and February 1. If these dates should fall on a holiday or weekend, they remain the deadline. Letters may always be submitted earlier than the deadline.

Following is a timetable for review:
Letter of Inquiry Submission deadline Quarterly meeting at which Letters will be reviewed Submission deadline for invited proposals News of allocation
August 1 October December 1 January
November 1 January March 1 April
February 1 April September 1 October

Trustees meet in the last week of the indicated months.

Successful applicants have 100% board giving.


Christy E. Gray, Executive Director

Betsy Kellerman, Administrative Assistant

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