Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts
Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts

The Whitaker Foundation was established in 1975 by Mrs. Mae Meissner Whitaker in memory of her husband Lyndon.

The Whitaker Foundation is a private, independent foundation that supports charitable and public purpose projects in the limited geographic area of St. Louis, Missouri.

The Whitaker Foundation makes grants in two focus areas:

Enriching Lives Through the Arts

The Arts provide a breadth and depth of experience that touch our lives and enrich our region. By investing in creative experiences of St. Louisians we help toward the discovery of ourselves, each other and our community. By supporting excellence in the arts, we promote art forms and institutions that challenge, entertain, and contribute to our overall quality of life.

Encouraging the Preservation and Use of Parks

Parks are an invaluable humanizing asset in an urban environment, providing space for people of different ages and from all walks of life to experience relaxation and tranquility, or to share the company of others in communal activities. By funding projects in parks, we help to create moments of joy, beauty, and neighborhood celebrations that bind us together as a community. Successful grantees share a high quality of program execution, a supportive and active board and an exemplary artistic program. They represent an important niche in the community, have a cogent plan for evaluation, diversity in income, and an enthusiasm for the area in which they work. The Foundation provides both start-up and short-term funding, capital needs and on occasion funds for operating support.

The Whitaker Foundation values projects that are creative in their execution, move toward self sustainability when possible, and are strategic in nature.

Grants made by the Foundation support projects and agencies within a fifty mile radius of the Arch.

The following pages provide information about the Whitakers, recent grants made by the Foundation, and information on how to apply. Agencies contemplating an application should speak to Foundation staff early in their planning.

Thank you for your interest in the Whitaker Foundation and in helping honor Mrs. Whitaker’s gift. We continue to be inspired by her far-sighted view of St. Louis and its potential, her generosity, and her courage in leaving her legacy in the hands of future generations.


The Trustees of the Whitaker Foundation


Debra Hollingsworth

Philip Hu

Ashley Kemper

Penny Pennington

Cheryl Walker

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