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Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts
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The Whitaker Foundation went online in 2002. Previous year reports are provided here in downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The file sizes of the Reports are large, so they may take a long time to download on a dial- up connection. To get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader software for free, click here.




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Arts Grants FY04

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Blackburn College$80,000
To support construction of an exhibit plaza and interior space. Blackburn College serves adjacent Bunker Hill, Illinois, the hometown of Mrs. Whitaker.

Center for Contemporary Art$40,000
To complete the Whitaker Box Office.

Circus Arts Foundation$30,000
To support two years of mainstage performances of Circus Flora in Grand Center. This is the first payment in a two year pledge of $55,000.

Contemporary Art Partnership$15,000
The Contemporary Museum of St. Louis served as the fiscal agent to support the shared docent program “Contemporary Arts Partnership” of the Pulitzer, St. Louis Art Museum and Contemporary. This is a two year pledge totaling $30,000.

Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis $16,666
To support capital and program expenses for New Art in the Neighborhood; to support the shared docent program “Contemporary Arts Partnership” of the Pulitzer, St. Louis Art Museum and Contemporary.

To support the coming season of the group’s core program House Music.

Dance St. Louis$15,000
To support the debut production of Contemporary Moves—a festival of local contemporary choreography.

HotHouse Theatre$5,000
This is the first payment in a two-year grant for general support. The total grant was $10,000.

To support the new playwright project. This is the last payment in a three-year pledge.

Opera Theatre St. Louis$84,000
To support continued commission and staging of new opera work and to contribute to the endowment of Young Artists in Training. This grant is matched by a grant from the Ford Foundation. This is the final payment in a five year pledge in a $420,000.

Prison Performing Arts$25,000
To support the presentation of local artists in area correctional institutions and to produce the play Oedipus at Colonus with the inmates at the state facility at Pacific.

Show Me Sound$8,000
To support general program and operating costs.

Springboard to Learning$20,000
For arts programming work in public schools. This is the first payment of a grant totaling $40,000.

STAGES St. Louis$25,000
To purchase and establish a computer based box office for the company.

Union Avenue Opera Theatre$15,000
To support an expanded season.

Young Audiences of St. Louis$7,000
To support activities that increase individual support of the agency and to promote the summer children’s festival at the Whitaker Stage in Tower Grove Park.

Forest Park Forever$50,000
To create Whitaker Island in Forest Park. This is the third payment in multi-year grant of $250,000.

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Park Grants FY04

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