Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts
Whitaker Foundation Supporting Parks and the Arts

What We Fund


The Whitaker Foundation makes grants in support of the arts and urban parks in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. Recipients must have 501(c)3 status. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals. The Foundation does not purchase tickets nor support galas or fundraisers.

Trustees feel a foundation the size of the Whitaker Foundation is best served by streamlined focus areas. This helps create the best informed grantmaking practice, making Trustees and grantees united in a small field, aware of each otherís work, and careful not to raise expectations unduly.


During her lifetime Mrs. Whitaker was a patron of the arts. The arts provide a breadth and depth of experience that touch lives and enrich the region. By supporting excellence in the arts, the Whitaker Foundation promotes art forms and institutions that challenge, entertain, and contribute to the overall quality of life of the community.

Preference in arts grantmaking is given to organizations that have the arts as their primary mission, are professional companies, provide a live audience experience, and are excellent in the execution of their work. Ongoing support is neither within the reach nor objective of the Whitaker Foundation. The Foundation sees its role as providing funding that helps an applicant stretch, transition to an even better practice, seize an opportunity, or experiment. In general, operating grants are not within the Foundationís core work.


Preference in park grantmaking is given to parks in St. Louis City. St. Louis is an old city with a large number of public parks. Parks are an invaluable asset in an urban environment providing a place for people of different ages and from all walks of life to experience relaxation and tranquility, or to share the company of others in communal activities. By funding projects in parks, the Foundation helps to create moments of joy, beauty, and neighborhood celebration that bind a community.

The Foundation does not fund playgrounds, community gardens, or environmental programs. These are important community needs but are not within the purview of the Foundation.

In either focus area, the Foundation puts great value on 100% of the applicantís board making an annual financial commitment.


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