2018 Annual Grants Report

Arts Grants

Cinema St. Louis$50,000
Whitaker SLIFF 2017
Contemporary Art Museum$50,000
This is the last of three payments totaling $200,000.
Dance St. Louis$30,000
Spring to Dance 2017.
Jazz St. Louis$12,000
The Whitaker Foundation Jazz Speaks Series.
Metro Theater Company$10,000
Commission and production of “Ghost,” a play for young adults. This is the first of three payments totaling $45,000.
Opera Theatre Saint Louis$150,000
This is the third payment of a five year grant totaling $750,000 for world premieres and new productions.
Sheldon Arts Foundation$90,000
This is the first of three grants totaling $225,000 for the Whitaker World Music Concerts.
St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers & Accountants Arts$5,000
Funds for software updates.
The Nine Network of Public Media$25,000
Funds for the St. Louis Literary Award presentation to be shown on Channel Nine.

Parks Grants

Grace Hill Settlement House$75,000
This is the first of a two year grant totaling $150,000 for the Whitaker Urban Evenings Concert Series.
Great Rivers Greenway$20,000
To underwrite stipends for an Artists of Color Council to advise on the Chouteau Greenway Project.
Opera Theatre of Saint Louis$39,450
Concerts to promote “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” with Terence Blanchard at Missouri Botanical Garden and St. Louis Place Park/Grace Hill. Funds for band.
Shakespeare Festival St. Louis$85,000
Shakespeare in the Park 2018.
Shakespeare Festival St. Louis$10,000
Shakespeare in the Streets 2019.
Union Communion Ministries/Ivory Perry Park$12,500
Ivory Perry Park Concert Series 2018.